My life was in transition when a dear friend invited me to attend one of Hugh’s classes. The studio is set in a very beautiful valley surrounded by serenity and the sounds of nature. What caught my attention immediately about the practice was Hugh’s pragmatic communication, attention to detail and light-hearted style. Further, I could sense the practice was deeper than postures alone because Hugh wove discussions on the philosophical aspect of yoga throughout the session. This, more than anything else, was the reason I kept returning.

Initially, my attendance was weekly and I noticed immediate benefits. I felt fitter and stronger in my body and started observing positive shifts in my general attitude towards life. I gradually increased my commitment and gained more than I could have imagined. I feel part of the community, my body is healthy and I’m continuously developing a thoughtful perspective on life. Regular attendance has assisted me in managing and reducing lifelong anxiety. The techniques I’ve learned allow me to keep a calm heart when I’m working, interacting with family & friends and when I’m alone. I’m enjoying expanding my practice by applying what I’m learning in everyday situations.

The classes combine postures, discussion, meditation, chanting and service. This whole practice supports a deeper understanding of my own connection to the greater Self and provides strategies I can use in day-to-day living. The well-rounded sessions also keep me engaged and inspire me to come back each week! Hugh is his authentic self when he is teaching. I have seen him test himself and discuss his own challenges. He is also willing to demonstrate difficult postures and share times when he has had breakthroughs. Each lesson is offered with humility and grace. Hugh is grateful for the gifts he has received and often acknowledges his own teachers and the lineage of knowledge. Honouring tradition and customs with reverence. I wholeheartedly recommend The Yoga of Self.